Why CareCliq?

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Care homes have residents with specific needs and distinct complex medical backgrounds, and require support to access clinical inputs from stakeholders across different settings of health and care system. This demands a collaborative work to provide an effective personalised care and support to all residents. The care home sector faces a significant challenge in delivering timely, consistent, and accurate care communication between various stakeholders resulting in inefficient processes and compromised quality of care. New measures to minimise the spread of infections in response to COVID-19 pandemic imposes further demands on delivering efficient care to the residents.

Evidence suggests care homes often experience difficulties accessing the right care at the right time. Improving the clinical input into a care home and tailoring care around the diverse needs of individual residents can improve the quality of care and quality of life for people, and reduce unnecessary hospital admissions.


Therefore, care homes need  a digital collaboration platform suitable for care settings and integrated to wider NHS. 

CareCliq is specifically built for care homes using cutting edge technology already in use by the NHS, to facilitate secure collaboration that can be used from anywhere at any time.